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Chala is a unique taqueria specializing in authentic Mexican cuisine. With a focus on quality, flavor, and tradition, Chala offers handcrafted tacos and a vibrant dining experience that celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Mexico.

Welcome to Chala, the place where the authentic flavors of Mexico meet fun and good vibes! We are more than just a taco restaurant; we are THE taco restaurant! A unique gastronomic experience that will transport you directly to the flavorful streets of Mexico.

 At Chala, we're obsessed with bringing you the best, freshest, most authentic tacos you'll ever taste. As well as giving you the best memes and the best content on networks. Our expert chefs put all their love and passion into every bite, using the highest quality ingredients and traditional recipes. Remember that if it's not Chala, it's not a taco.

 But Chala is not just food, it is a way of life. We are proud to continue creating this Super Community and that more and more of us are in this movement surrounded by the good vibes of our community. Come and enjoy our space full of vibrant colors, happy music, and a friendly team that will always be willing to make your visit an unforgettable experience.

 We are a fun, bold, and energetic brand. We want each visit to Chala to be a feast for your senses. For this reason, our events, Pop-ups, Catering, Stores, and above all our Luchador are a fundamental part of our identity.

 At Chala, we not only care about offering you an exceptional experience in our stores, but we also strive to be responsible for the environment. We care about the future of our planet, so we use biodegradable products and work with local, sustainable suppliers to reduce our ecological footprint.

 We are proud to be a part of the Miami community and are committed to giving back to it. We collaborate with local organizations, support community projects, and create employment opportunities for talented and passionate people who share our vision.

 Join us on this culinary adventure and let yourself be carried away by the authentic flavors, the overflowing joy, and the unique experience of Chala! We are here to share unforgettable moments with you and become your favorite place to enjoy the “unique” Mexican tacos in the entire USA.

 Welcome to Chala, where food and fun meet in every bite!